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Virginia Commonwealth University



  • Cirque Dreams and Cirque Productions

  • Celebrity Cruise Lines

  • Norwegian Cruise Lines

  • Rainbow Circus

  • Broward Stage Door Theatre, Florida

  • Lauderhill Performing Arts Center, Florida

  • Broadway Theatre, NYC

  • Hargrove Productions

Founder and Designer, Lenora Nikitin has decades of design experience in costume design. Nikitin has developed an award-winning craft and a name for herself as a master seamstress and designer. 


Her one-of-a-kind eye for design delivers functional, fashionable costume designs for any occasion. With the body as her canvas, her passion for sewing is only reinforced by her integration of body painting, airbrush, wig/makeup design, and accessory designs including hats, shoes, jewelry, and props. Nikitin offers unwavering attention to detail down to the very last rhinestone.


Her career began quite humbly as a wardrobe attendant at Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, VA. Then moving on to making designs for Ballet, Opera,  Children’s Theater. In 2008, she was nominated for a Howard Hughes award for costume design for her work on Broadway’s “Cirque Dreams Jungle Fantasy,” a show proclaimed “The grandest circus spectacle east of Vegas” by New York Magazine.

Creating designs and costumes for the Cirque genre has helped Nikitin hone and perfect a craft that can only come from understanding both the limitations and greater possibilities of design and its impact on the performer, the performance, and the perception of their audiences. An emphasis on function is instilled in her that comes from the demand for high performance and reliable costumes unique to the physically demanding Cirque performance.


Working closely with her clientele, from concept and plotting to render and creation this designer’s domain includes a host of skilled workers including cutters, drapers, stitchers, first-hands, and decorators all working in concert under Nikitin’s leadership. Her execution includes expertise in all facets of design and pre-production from costume plots, renderings, pulls, staffing, purchase, and deployment to team members.


There is no medium that escapes the boundaries of this designer from foams and feathers, clay sculpture and plaster, latex and rubber, paper, kite rod, and virtually every conceivable element to meet virtually any budget.


As an integral member of any Production team, Nikitin works closely with Creators, Producers, and the acts to deliver timeless pieces that reflect your design aesthetic while delivering comfort and movement so critical to performance art.

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